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We're looking forward to welcoming you back to lessons this APRIL!

So, this feels a little repetitive now doesn't it! But we really are excited to be seeing you all again! As of April 12th, swimming lessons are permitted to return, which means our group sessions will return for the new term starting on April 19th. All swimmers will remain in the groups allocated before Christmas as social Distancing remains in place. Once these restrictions are lifted, we should hopefully regain the fitness pool space lost on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

HD/1:1 lessons will return in accordance with your individual teacher who will be in contact with you.

Group lessons start dates:

Tuesday 20th April

Wednesday 21st April

Thursday 22nd April

Saturday 24th April

LESSON TIMES: Due to the cleaning of shared spaces/changing rooms, and to support distancing the footfall through the centre, you will be permitted into the leisure centre at the start of your lesson time, for example 5pm. This will make the lesson slightly shorter, but will enable swimmers to use sanitised changing rooms after their sessions. Where possible we ask that swimmers arrive ‘swim ready’ (costume under clothes). For those unable to arrive swim ready, please use the group male/female change or accessible change as necessary. Wheelchair users, and those with significant mobility issues, may enter the leisure centre just before the lesson time to use these facilities.

MEETING POINT: Unless accessing the pool from the accessible changing areas, all swimmers are to please sit on the benches on the terrace, and wait to be collected by the teachers. We are organising some additional spaces to be made available to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible. Please see the video from the previous post for guidance. Please note, the viewing area to the teaching pools is temporarily closed so please remain by the benches.

SUPPORT IN THE WATER: Most of you have completed the google form indicating if a member of your family/bubble is able to support your child in the water. For those of you that have, please could that person be changed and ready to support on the first lesson back. Hopefully they will not be required, but we are having to stagger the return of volunteers. For those supporting in the water with their ‘own child’ there is no need to wear PPE. For any member of staff/volunteer supporting closer than 2m a child out of their ‘bubble’, they will need to wear full length body wear and a visor.

HD/PMLD 1:1 LESSONS: I am looking to restart these sessions on the weekend of the 24th April. Each child will have a revised risk assessment, and family members may be utilised for support where necessary, but particularly for those who I have close physical contact with that may not tolerate the visor and PPE. You will be contacted individually with lesson availability as our pool space and times are hugely restricted currently.

PAYMENT: All DD’s will be ‘unfrozen’ once the swimmer has returned and first payment will be on the 1 or 15 of the month depending on your set up. Course payers; I will let you know how many sessions you have left when you return.

That is a lot of information, but I’m sure they’ll be more! Please comment if you have any questions and if I’ve missed anything major I will edit accordingly.

Any individual queries re support/payment/new groups please inbox me.

See you all soon!

Kate xxx

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